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Our Services

The most important thing for us is you.
At Global Solutions, we strive every day to fulfill our greatest wish:
the satistfaction of each one of our clients.

Civil Construction

“We benefit our customers in costs, quality, service and speed.”

We have a whole specialized infrastructure to offer a reliable, excellent, and timely service. Our company is comprised of human resources, machinery and construction equipment to execute projects at the lowest cost and developing time.

At Global Solutions we have technical, administrative, safety and quality control processes that, applied to the standard cutting-edge procedures, assure the development of the projects with the quality established by the client.

In addition, we have the technical execution capability, we are experts in consulting, engineering,production, construction, plant projects management, infraestructure and real estate.


“We guarantee an integral, excelent and timely service”

Thanks to the extensive expertise of our staff, we are able to develop quality telecommunication projects through the simulation, evaluation and system design, like LAN and WAN networks, and involved teams in accordance with each customer’s specific requirements. That is how we constitute ourselves as suppliers of tailor-made telecom services.

Some of the services we can provide:

  • Structured cabling system (certified by the top brands in the industry)
  • Microwave and radio links
  • Satellite communications
  • Internal/external plant
  • Optical fibre and copper

Electromechanical installations

“We advise and assist you. We are with you every step of the way”

At Global Solution we have a qualified technical team to advise every client in their purchase of electrical equipment and installations. We apply the CFE’s current standards in all of our processes; therefore, all of the materials used comply with the quality requirements.

The activities we develope include:

  • Urban networks
  • Industrial installations
  • Comercial installations
  • Residential installations
  • Rural constructions


“We protect what matters most to you”

Due to the insecurity present in our country, our company has undertook the task to offer tools and technological equipment for governments and private enterprises with the goal of identifying and monitoring high-risk areas.

At Global Solution we provide the installation of closed-circuit telemonitoring, offering an integral and strategic service that satisfies our customers’ needs.